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Private Room Rental

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Join us for your special occasion!

We offer a private room rental for small events, such as bridal & baby showers, birthday parties and more! The room comfortably sits about 25 people, and we do ask that party sizes don't go over 30. The room is approximately 24" by 13".

- It's $50/hour with a minimum of two hours.
- You can bring in outside food, but you must buy all beverages from us.
- You can decorate the tables, but absolutely no wall decorations are allowed -- meaning no pin holes, no tape, etc.
- All food and party festivities MUST be kept in the room -- there are no exceptions.
- The room must be left in the same condition as you arrived.
- We do not furnish plates, napkins or silverware for parties.

- If you have confetti-filled balloons, you need to clean up your mess before you leave the room.
- We will conduct normal business inside the Tasting Room, so there are sliding barn doors for your privacy.

If you understand and agree with our policies, please email us at with the date and time you would like to reserve and we will get back with you ASAP. We do book the room regularly, so we do not promise that the time/date you request is available.


- If you cancel within 7 (seven) days of your rental, you will be charged $50 and the remainder of your deposit will be returned.

Again, all inquiries can be sent to

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