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Throughout the year, we have a variety of food trucks on Friday and Saturday evenings. We always try to give our customers a wide range of food truck variety -- from hamburgers and sandwiches, to BBQ, Thai, Greek, Mexican and more!

We also offer Shakespeare's Pizza -- direct from Columbia, Missouri -- on a daily basis! Note: We do not sell pizza during times when we have a food truck visiting.

Here's our current daily menu:

  • Sausage (from Harrisonville's own Kurzweil's Meats)/Cheese/Cracker Tray

  • Shakespeare's Pizza (Multiple varieties/toppings available daily)

  • Berry Jalapeno Jam over cream cheese

  • Candied Jalapenos over cream cheese

  • Chips and Dip (Varieties vary weekly)

  • Gardettos

  • Pretzels

  • Dirty Kettle Potato Chips

shakespeares pizza.jpg
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